Setting The Standard For Centrifuges Across The World

The T-Lab™ Centrifuge is a state-of-the-art swing-out rotor centrifuge. It is one of the highest-quality low-speed centrifuges on the market, complete with a swing-out horizontal design, brushless long-life motor and compact design.

T-Lab™ Low-Speed Centrifuge


Swing-Out Horizontal Rotor

T-Lab™ Centrifuge has a swing-out rotor with capacity of 6 x 10mL tubes. This horizontal swing-out rotor leads to optimal sample separation

Brushless, Long-Life Motor (Maintenance-Free)

The T-Lab™ Centrifuge is designed with a maintenance-free, long-life Brushless DC Motor. It also includes maximum heat control with its intelligent ventilation and motor technology.

One-Touch Digital Display

Digital Display with speed and time setting, as well as one-touch RPM/RCF conversion. Additionally, users can set up to 99 different programs and select speeds from 500 up to 4000 RPM/2270G.

Controlled Deceleration and Acceleration, and Imbalance Detection

Controlled acceleration and deceleration, with gradual speed increase and decrease for maximum stability. Imbalance detection with auto safety cut-off, and balance to prevent shaking during centrifugation process.

Smart Airflow and Cooling Design

T-Lab™ Centrifuge has a Smart Airflow design to ensure that the chamber remains cool and that any temperature rise is under control. 

Compact Size

With a size of 42x36x18 cm, the T-Lab™ Centrifuge is approximately one third of the size of regular swing-out rotor centrifuges. The centrifuge is also easy to move and transport, and weighs only 8 kg.