The world's leading Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) System

The T-Lab™ PRP Kit and Tubes is one the world’s most advanced PRP Systems, and used in over 65 countries worldwide. With the protocols it has developed, the kit offers an optimal platelet recovery rate, platelet dose and purity.

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T-Lab™ Kit Components

T-Lab™ PRP Tubes

Each T-Lab™ PRP Kit contains two micro-polished PRP Tubes (Orange) and a third Resuspension Tube (Blue).

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T-Lab™ Kit Components

Needles & Syringes

Each T-Lab™ PRP Kit also includes all of the needles and syringes required for the preparation and administration of the PRP.

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T-Lab™ Kit Components

Blood Collection Equipment

The T-Lab™ PRP Kit includes a two-piece phlebotomy set. Thanks to this set, you do not need any additional equipment.

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T-Lab™ Kit Components


Each T-Lab™ PRP Kit contains a specially designed stand and an official certificate, to the provide the patient with a record of the treatment and product used.

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T-Lab™ PRP


No gels

Due to the risk that platelets can become trapped under gels and that gels can be accidentally collected and re-injected to patients, T-Lab™ PRP Tubes do not contain any separating gels.


T-Lab™ PRP Tubes contain a specific anticoagulant, which has been shown to improve both the comfort of the PRP treatment as wel as the overall PRP yield.

Micropolishing & Resuspension

All T-Lab™ Tubes are micro-polished, which is designed to capture more platelets and to ensure they do not stick to the interior of the tube. The third Resuspension Tube is also used to ensure platelets do not clump together and are distributed evenly throughout the sample.

Two Protocols

T-Lab™ is the only PRP Kits in the world to have Unique Preparation Protocols: Pure PRP (Leukocyte-Poor) and Amber PRP (Leukocyte-Rich), depending on the area being treated.

Training across Australia

T-Lab™ Clinical Training is available to Nurses and Doctors across Australia. Enquire today to arrange Clinical Training.

Australia-wide shipping

All T-Lab™ Products are available for Australia-wide Express Shipping.